Between 1880 and 2019 there were 34 births of Name in the countries below, which represents an average of 0 birth of children bearing the first name Name per year on average throughout this period.
On the last available year for each country, we count 0 birth.

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Information about the first name Name

The first name Name has been assigned to:
67.65% to boys
32.35% to girls
The country where the first name Name is the most common is:
US United State of America
This first name is on trend: Male
This first name has 4 letters including 2 vowels and 2 consonants

Anagrams of the first name Name

An anagram is a word that contains the same letters of another word. Here is the list of first names which are an anagram of Name : Amen, Amén, Amne, Eman, Emna, Enam, Enma, Maen, Mane, Mané, Mena, Naem, Neam, Nema

Anacyclics of the first name Name

An anacyclic is a word or phrase that can be read in the normal sense of reading or in the opposite direction. Here is the list of names that are anonymous of the given name Name: Eman

Name in Japanese *

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Name in Japanese
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Name in sign language

Name in binary language

01101110 01100001 01101101 01100101

Origin and meaning of name Name

US English
Etymology src :
  • From Middle English name, nome, from Old English nama, noma, from Proto-Germanic *namô, from Proto-Indo-European *h₁nómn̥. Cognates include Latin nomen (Spanish nombre). Possible cognates outside of Indo-European include Finnish nimi.
Etymology src :
Etymology src :
  • Borrowed from Spanish ñame, substituting n for the unfamiliar Spanish letter ñ. Doublet of yam.
Etymology (Pronunciation) src :
  • enPR: nām, IPA(key): /neɪm/
  • Rhymes: -eɪm
Etymology (See also) src :
Etymology (Verb) src :
  • name (third-person singular simple present names, present participle naming, simple past and past participle named)
  • (ditransitive) To give a name to.
  • (transitive) To mention, specify.
  • (transitive) To identify as relevant or important
  • (transitive) To publicly implicate.
  • (transitive) To designate for a role.
  • (transitive, Westminster system politics) To initiate a process to temporarily remove a member of parliament who is breaking the rules of conduct.
Etymology (Noun) src :
  • name (plural names)
  • Any of several types of true yam (Dioscorea) used in Caribbean Spanish cooking.
Anagrams src :
Anagrams src :
Proper noun src :
Middle English
Etymology src :
Alternative forms src :
Noun src :
  • name (plural names or namen)
  • name
Pronunciation src :
  • IPA(key): /ˈnaːm(ə)/
Noun (Descendants) src :
Noun src :
Middle Dutch
Etymology src :
  • From Old Dutch namo, from Proto-Germanic *namô.
Etymology src :
  • From Old Dutch *nāma, from Proto-Germanic *nēmō.
Etymology (Noun) src :
  • nāme m or f
  • name
  • fame, reputation
Etymology (Noun) src :
  • nâme f
  • taking
  • receiving
NL Dutch
Anagrams src :
Noun src :
  • name
  • (archaic) Dative singular form of naam
Verb src :
  • name
  • (archaic) singular past subjunctive of nemen
DE German
Etymology src :
  • From Middle High German name, from Old High German namo, from Proto-Germanic *namô, from Proto-Indo-European *h₁nómn̥ (“name”). Cognate with Dutch naam, English name, West Frisian namme, Danish navn.
Alternative forms src :
Anagrams src :
Pronunciation src :
  • IPA(key): /ˈnaːmə/

Popularity of the name Name

Number of NAME births per year

Total births of Name by country

Births with the first name Name
USUnited State of America
1880 - 2019

Comments on the name Name

Personalities with the first name Name

There is 0 personality with the first name Name

Film Actors and Actresses with the first name Name

There are 2 actors and actresses with the first name Name
Name Eron
Name Ugantas

Rankings of first name NAME by country

Country ranking (boys)
No ranking of first name NAME (male) births over the last year available in each country
Country ranking (girls)
No ranking of first name NAME (female) births over the last year available in each country

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