Between 1999 and 2021 there were 1 birth of People in the countries below, which represents an average of 0 birth of children bearing the first name People per year on average throughout this period.
On the last available year for each country, we count 0 birth.

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Information about the first name People

The first name People has been assigned to:
100.00% to boys
0.00% to girls
The country where the first name People is the most common is:
IT Italy
This first name is on trend: Male
This first name has 6 letters including 3 vowels and 3 consonants

People in Japanese *

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People in Japanese
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People in sign language

People in binary language

01110000 01100101 01101111 01110000 01101100 01100101

Origin and meaning of name People

US English
Alternative forms src :
  • peeps, peops (slang)
  • peple (obsolete)
  • pipple (pronunciation spelling)
  • ppl, ppl.
Anagrams src :
  • Peploe
Noun src :
Pronunciation src :
  • (UK) IPA(key): /ˈpiːpəl/
  • (US) IPA(key): /ˈpipəl/, /ˈpipl̩/, [ˈpʰipɫ̩]
  • Rhymes: -iːpəl
  • Hyphenation: peo‧ple
  • Homophone: papal (some dialects)
Noun (Descendants) src :
  • Jamaican Creole: piipl
  • Pijin: pipol
  • → Sranan Tongo: pipel
  • → Tok Pisin: pipel
Noun (See also) src :
  • sheeple
Verb (Derived terms) src :
  • peopler
Verb (Usage notes) src :
  • The informal interaction sense is chiefly used in the negative.
Middle English
Noun src :
  • people
  • Alternative form of peple
FR French
Etymology src :
  • Since 2000, named after People, an American weekly magazine that specializes in celebrity news, human-interest stories, and gossip.
Alternative forms src :
  • pipole
Noun src :
  • people m (uncountable)
  • (uncountable) showbusiness, popular media that feature stories on celebrities and famous people (as represented by magazines such as People, (UK) Hello!, (France) Paris Match)
Pronunciation src :
  • IPA(key): /pi.pɔl/, /pi.pœl/
Old French
Noun src :
  • people m (oblique plural peoples, nominative singular peoples, nominative plural people)
  • (Anglo-Norman) Alternative form of pueple
FR French
Noun (Derived terms) src :
  • pipolisation
Noun (Usage notes) src :
  • The French noun people is frequently italicized as a loanword, as in the quotations above.

Popularity of the name People

Number of PEOPLE births per year

Total births of People by country

Births with the first name People
1999 - 2021

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Personalities with the first name People

There is 0 personality with the first name People

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There are 0 actor and actress with the first name People

Rankings of first name PEOPLE by country

Country ranking (boys)
No ranking of first name PEOPLE (male) births over the last year available in each country
Country ranking (girls)
No ranking of first name PEOPLE (female) births over the last year available in each country

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