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Between 1880 and 2019 there were 10 births of Pet in the countries below, which represents an average of 0 birth of children bearing the first name Pet per year on average throughout this period.
On the last available year for each country, we count 0 birth.

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Information about the first name Pet

The first name Pet has been assigned to:
50.00% to boys
50.00% to girls
The country where the first name Pet is the most common is:
US United State of America
This first name is on trend: Both (Unisex)
This first name has 3 letters including 1 vowel and 2 consonants

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Origin and meaning of name Pet

US English
Etymology src :
  • Clipping of petulance.
Etymology src :
  • Clipping of petition.
Etymology src :
Etymology (Adjective) src :
Etymology (Noun) src :
  • pet (plural pets)
  • A fit of petulance, a sulk, arising from the impression that one has been offended or slighted.
  • 1891, Mary Noailles Murfree, In the "Stranger People's" Country, Nebraska 2005, p. 105:
  • There was something ludicrous, even more, unbecoming a gentleman, in leaving a friend's house in a pet, with the host's reproaches sounding in his ears, to be matched only by the bitterness of the guest's sneering retorts.
Etymology (Noun) src :
  • pet (plural pets)
  • Abbreviation of petition.
Etymology (Noun) src :
  • pet (plural pets)
  • (Tyneside) A term of endearment usually applied to women and children.
Anagrams src :
  • EPT, PTE, Pte, TPE, Tep, ept
Pronunciation src :
  • IPA(key): /pɛt/, [pʰɛt], [pʰɛʔt]
  • Rhymes: -ɛt
Noun (See also) src :
  • Dacron
  • Terylene
FR French
Etymology src :
Noun src :
  • PET m (plural PETs)
  • PET (“polyethylene terephthalate”); Abbreviation of polyéthylène téréphtalate.
Noun src :
  • pet m (plural pets)
  • (colloquial) fart
  • (colloquial) (nonstandard) Common apocope for pétard (pronounced IPA(key): /pɛt/ in singular and plural). Rarely pèt.
Pronunciation src :
  • IPA(key): /pɛ/
  • Homophones: pais, pait, paît, paix, paie, paies, pets
  • (Quebec, informal) IPA(key): /pɛt/
Noun (Related terms) src :
Noun (Synonyms) src :
  • vesse
Noun src :
  • PET (countable and uncountable, plural PETs)
  • (uncountable, organic chemistry) Initialism of polyethylene terephthalate.
  • (countable) Acronym of positron emission tomography.
  • (countable, genetics) Acronym of paired-end tag.
  • (countable, computing) backronym of personal electronic transactor.
Noun src :
  • pet m anim (diminutive pecik)
  • (colloquial) cigarette butt
  • Synonyms: kiep, niedopałek
  • (colloquial, derogatory) cigarette
  • Synonyms: papieros, fajek, szlug
Pronunciation src :
  • IPA(key): /pɛt/
Middle French
Noun src :
  • pet m (plural pets)
  • (vulgar) fart, gas, flatulence
PT Portuguese
Etymology src :
Noun src :
  • pet m (plural pets)
  • (Brazil, upper class slang) pet (animal kept as a companion)
  • Synonyms: animal de estimação (much more common), mascote
Pronunciation src :
NL Dutch
Adjective src :
  • pet (comparative petter, superlative petst)
  • (slang) bad, crappy
Noun src :
  • pet m (plural petten, diminutive petje n)
  • cap (headwear with a peak at the front)
Pronunciation src :
  • IPA(key): /pɛt/
  • Hyphenation: pet
  • Rhymes: -ɛt
Adjective (Derived terms) src :
  • naatje pet
Adjective (Descendants) src :
  • → Papiamentu: pèchi (from the diminutive)

Popularity of the name Pet

Number of PET births per year

Total births of Pet by country

Births with the first name Pet
USUnited State of America
1880 - 2019

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Personalities with the first name Pet

There is 0 personality with the first name Pet

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There are 0 actor and actress with the first name Pet

Rankings of first name PET by country

Country ranking (boys)
No ranking of first name PET (male) births over the last year available in each country
Country ranking (girls)
No ranking of first name PET (female) births over the last year available in each country

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