Between 1944 and 2019 there were 151 births of Rien in the countries below, which represents an average of 2 births of children bearing the first name Rien per year on average throughout this period.
On the last available year for each country, we count 1 birth.

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Information about the first name Rien

The first name Rien has been assigned to:
89.40% to boys
10.60% to girls
The country where the first name Rien is the most common is:
BE Belgium
This first name is on trend: Male
This first name has 4 letters including 2 vowels and 2 consonants

Anagrams of the first name Rien

An anagram is a word that contains the same letters of another word. Here is the list of first names which are an anagram of Rien : Eirn, Enir, Enri, Erin, Erín, Érin, Erni, Iren, Irén, Irne, Neir, Neri, Nire, Rein, Reni, Rine

Anacyclics of the first name Rien

An anacyclic is a word or phrase that can be read in the normal sense of reading or in the opposite direction. Here is the list of names that are anonymous of the given name Rien: Neir

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Rien in Japanese
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Origin and meaning of name Rien

FR French
Etymology src :
  • From Middle French rien, from Old French rien, from Latin rem, accusative of rēs (“thing”). Compare Catalan res (“nothing”).
Old French
Etymology src :
  • From Latin rem, accusative of rēs.
FR French
Anagrams src :
  • nier, rein
Pronoun src :
  • rien ?
  • nothing
  • Antoine Lavoisier
  • Rien ne se perd, rien ne se crée, tout se transforme.
  • Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed.
  • (archaic) anything
  • 1630, François de Malherbe, Le traité des bienfaits de Sénèque, III, 10
  • En tous les bienfaits d'importance, la preuve ne peut avoir de lieu ; car il n'y a bien souvent que deux qui en sachent rien .
Pronunciation src :
  • IPA(key): /ʁjɛ̃/
Old French
Alternative forms src :
  • ren (Anglo-Norman)
Noun src :
  • rien f (oblique plural riens, nominative singular riens, nominative plural riens)
  • thing; object
  • being; creature
Pronoun src :
  • rien
  • thing
  • circa 1170, Chrétien de Troyes, Érec et Énide:
  • "Oïl, mout m'an sovient il bien.Seneschaus, savez vos an rien?
  • Yes, I remember it well
  • Seneschal, do you know anything about it?
  • (used with "ne") nothing
Pronunciation src :
  • IPA(key): /ri̯en/
  • Rhymes: -en
FR French
Pronoun (Derived terms) src :
  • de rien
  • rien de rien
  • rien du tout
  • trois fois rien
Pronoun (Hyponyms) src :
  • rien de rien
  • rien du tout
Pronoun (Synonyms) src :
  • que dalle
Old French
Pronoun (Descendants) src :
  • Middle French: rienFrench: rien
Middle Dutch
Etymology src :
  • From Old Dutch *rīan, from Proto-Germanic *rīhaną.
Pronunciation src :
  • IPA(key): /ˈriːən/
Verb src :
  • riën
  • to sew together, to put a thread through
Verb (Alternative forms) src :
  • rigen
Verb (Descendants) src :
  • Dutch: rijgen
  • Limburgish: riege
Verb (Inflection) src :
  • This verb needs an inflection-table template.
Middle French
Etymology src :
  • From Old French rien.
Noun src :
  • rien f (plural riens)
  • thing (miscellaneous item)
Noun (Descendants) src :
  • French: rien

Popularity of the name Rien

Number of RIEN births per year

Total births of Rien by country

Births with the first name Rien
1995 - 2019
GBUnited Kingdom
1996 - 2019
1980 - 2019
1944 - 2019
1999 - 2018

Total births of Rien by country (last available year)

Births with the first name Rien

Comments on the name Rien

Personalities with the first name Rien

There is 1 personality with the first name Rien

Rien Poortvliet

Kingdom of the netherlands
Writer Painter

Film Actors and Actresses with the first name Rien

There are 12 actors and actresses with the first name Rien
Rien Poortvliet
Rien Huizing
Rien Van Nunen
Rien Long
Rien Hoffman
Rien Low
Rien Frederiksz
Rien Bogaart
Rien Baartmans
Rien De Bruijn
Rien Rogers
Rien Kroon

Rankings of first name RIEN by country

Country ranking (boys)
#4704AB Alberta2019
Country ranking (girls)
No ranking of first name RIEN (female) births over the last year available in each country

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