Between 1880 and 2022 there were 4,867 births of Saint in the countries below, which represents an average of 34 births of children bearing the first name Saint per year on average throughout this period.
On the last available year for each country, we count 945 births.

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Information about the first name Saint

The first name Saint has been assigned to:
96.79% to boys
3.21% to girls
The country where the first name Saint is the most common is:
US United State of America
This first name is on trend: Male
This first name has 5 letters including 2 vowels and 3 consonants

Anagrams of the first name Saint

An anagram is a word that contains the same letters of another word. Here is the list of first names which are an anagram of Saint : Astin, Intas, Istan, Natis, Nisat, Nitsa, Sanit, Santi, Šánti, Satin, Sinat, Sinta, Sitan, Snita, Stani, Stian, Stina, Tanis, Tansi, Tasin, Tinas, Tnias

Anacyclics of the first name Saint

An anacyclic is a word or phrase that can be read in the normal sense of reading or in the opposite direction. Here is the list of names that are anonymous of the given name Saint: Tnias

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Origin and meaning of name Saint

US English
Etymology src :
  • From saint.
Etymology src :
  • From Middle English saint, seint, sainct, seinct, sanct, senct, partly from Old English sanct (“saint”) and confluence with Old French saint, seinte (Modern French saint); both from Latin sanctus (“holy, consecrated”, in Late Latin as a noun, “a saint”), past participle of sancire (“to render sacred, make holy”), akin to sacer (“holy, sacred”). Displaced native Middle English halwe (“saint”) from Old English hālga (“saint, holy one”) (> Modern English hallow (“saint”)).
Etymology src :
  • From Middle English saynten, seinten, sonten, partly from Anglo-Norman saintir and partly from the noun Middle English seint, seynt (see above).
Etymology src :
  • From the pattern of naming various parishes and other places for Christian saints.
Etymology (Noun) src :
  • saint (plural saints)
  • A deceased person whom a church or another religious group has officially recognised as especially holy or godly; one eminent for piety and virtue.
  • (Christianity, doctrinal) A Christian; a faithful believer in the present world.
  • (Christianity) One of the blessed in heaven.
  • (figuratively, by extension) A person with similarly overwhelming positive qualities; one who does good.
  • (archaic) A holy object.
Etymology (Verb) src :
  • saint (third-person singular simple present saints, present participle sainting, simple past and past participle sainted)
  • (transitive) Synonym of canonize: to honor, formally name, or revere as a saint.
Etymology (Prefix) src :
  • saint
  • (toponymy) Capitalized and placed before another term, particularly personal names, to create placename without direct association to any religious character.
Anagrams src :
  • Astin, Insta, Santi, Sinta, Tanis, Tians, antis, insta-, sat in, satin, stain, stian, tians, tisan
Anagrams src :
  • Astin, Insta, Santi, Sinta, Tanis, Tians, antis, insta-, sat in, satin, stain, stian, tians, tisan
Pronunciation src :
  • IPA(key): /seɪnt/
  • compound names in RP : IPA(key): /sənt/ (unstressed)
  • Rhymes: -eɪnt
Pronunciation src :
  • IPA(key): /seɪnt/
  • Rhymes: -eɪnt
  • (UK, as an unstressed, capitalised title) IPA(key): /sən(t)/, /sɨn(t)/
Proper noun src :
  • the Saint
  • A nickname, given to someone of very good character.
  • A nickname, given to someone of extreme religiosity.
Noun (Derived terms) src :
  • See also the lists of derived terms at saint and St
Noun (Synonyms) src :
  • (title): St, St., S, S., SS, SS.
FR French
Etymology src :
  • From Latin sanctus (“holy”).
Old French
Etymology src :
FR French
Adjective src :
  • saint (feminine sainte, masculine plural saints, feminine plural saintes)
  • saintly (all meanings)
Anagrams src :
  • tians
Noun src :
  • saint m (plural saints, feminine sainte)
  • a male saint; masculine of sainte
Pronunciation src :
  • IPA(key): /sɛ̃/, (in liaison) /sɛ̃.t‿/
  • Rhymes: -ɛ̃
  • Homophones: sain, sains, saints, sein, seing, seings, seins, ceins, ceint, ceints
Old French
Adjective src :
  • saint m (oblique and nominative feminine singular sainte)
  • holy
  • pious; devout
Alternative forms src :
  • sanct (rare)
  • saent (rare)
  • seint (common, chiefly Anglo-Norman)
Noun src :
  • saint m (oblique plural sainz or saintz, nominative singular sainz or saintz, nominative plural saint)
  • saint
FR French
Adjective (Derived terms) src :
  • - in Belgian toponyms:
  • - in Canadian toponyms:
  • - In French toponyms:
  • - In toponyms of French Guiana:
  • - In Guadeloupean toponyms:
  • - In Italian toponyms:
  • - In toponyms of Martinique:
  • - In toponyms of Réunion:
  • - In Swiss toponyms:
Old French
Adjective (Descendants) src :
  • → English: saint
  • French: saint
  • Norman: saint (Jersey)
Etymology src :
  • From Old Irish sant, of unknown origin. DIL connects it with Welsh chwant (“desire”), but the Old Irish cognate of that word is actually sét (“treasure”). The ant sequence suggests a late loanword into Goidelic.
Noun src :
  • saint f (genitive singular sainte)
  • greed, avarice, covetousness
  • great eagerness, desire
Pronunciation src :
  • (Ulster) IPA(key): /sˠɪn̠ʲtʲ/
Noun (Synonyms) src :
  • cíocras, gabhálacht (“avarice”)

Popularity of the name Saint

Number of SAINT births per year

Total births of Saint by country

Births with the first name Saint
USUnited State of America
1880 - 2022
1900 - 2022
1930 - 2022
GBUnited Kingdom
1996 - 2021
1980 - 2022
2000 - 2022
2010 - 2021
1909 - 2021
1985 - 2022

Total births of Saint by country (last available year)

Births with the first name Saint
USUnited State of America
GBUnited Kingdom

Comments on the name Saint

Personalities with the first name Saint

There is 0 personality with the first name Saint

Film Actors and Actresses with the first name Saint

There are 36 actors and actresses with the first name Saint
Saint West
Saint Ranson
Saint Obi
Saint Clair Lopes
Saint Etienne
Saint Adeogba
Saint Unruly
Saint Dx
Saint Nick
Saint Jhn
Saint Faggatron
Saint Marino
Saint Laurent
Saint Thompson
Saint Adams
Saint Deville
Saint Bobby
Saint Anger
Saint Gregory Nwokedi
Saint Claire Mackunfuss
Saint Seseli
Saint Christopher Miller
Saint Lee Jamaal Francois
Saint James Labonte
Saint Sinchaï
Saint Williams
Saint Wynters
Saint Rooks
Saint Lorenzo
Saint Imasuen

There are more than 30 actors and actresses with the first name Saint
The full list of actors and actresses with the first name Saint

Rankings of first name SAINT by country

Country ranking (boys)
#358US United State of America2022
#627GB United Kingdom2021
#4887CL Chili2021
Country ranking (girls)
#5345GB United Kingdom2021